What Are Some Useful Sleep Tips For Moms

What Are Some Useful Sleep Tips For Moms

Motherhood is the beginning of a new era. While the vision which you might have of motherhood is that it is the perfect time to bond with your baby but, in reality, it can be quite more stressful than just a prolonged bonding vacation. One of the 1st casualties of motherhood is your sleep. Oftentimes, moms are not able to get the required amount of sleep due to often looking after the baby. While this is not a problem for a couple of nights but if you’re sleep deprived for a longer period of time, it can take a toll on your health. During such times, most of the moms often wonder what are some useful sleep tips for moms?.

We would today share with you some useful sleep tips which you can follow in order to get perfect night sleep to keep yourself fresh as well as healthy.

1. Communicating with your partner:

When you’re not able to get enough hours of sleep, the 1st step which you have to undertake is to acknowledge the problem. You have to also speak with your partner and let them know that you are sleep deprived. The faster you recognize the problem, the better. Once your partner is aware of the sleep you need, he would be more receptive towards sharing the responsibility of taking care of the baby. This would automatically provide you with extra hours to catch on the required amount of sleep.

2. Sleeping as per your baby:

One of the basic tips which you can follow is to sleep when your baby sleeps. At the start, it would not be easy for you to accustom your body cycle to sleep as your baby sleeps but over a period of time, this can be made possible. Instead of worrying about other chores when your baby sleeps, it is a better idea to catch up on some much-needed sleep when your baby sleeps. This would not only provide you with the peaceful atmosphere for sleeping but also more than enough time to sleep and relax.

3. Saving for a nanny:

While this might not be an instant solution, still during pregnancy, you have to save up enough money for hiring a nanny for at least a year or two. After the birth of the child, if you have a nanny to take care or at least to aid in your work, you can be sure that you would get more than enough time for sleeping. This would help you in preventing sleep deprivation altogether.

4. Treating Post-Partum Depression:

One of the most underestimated causes of sleep deprivation for moms is the postpartum depression. Most of the people often just associate it with being tensed about the baby. However, postpartum depression can keep you awake for hours at night even when the baby is sleeping. The only way in which you can handle this is to opt for proper treatment along with counseling sessions. Postpartum depression is pretty common and is easy to deal with it as long as you are able to recognize the symptoms correctly.

5. Diagnosing the sleep disorders:

Sleep disorders are pretty common after childbirth. You have to consult your doctor then rule out the possibility of any sleeping disorders like sleep apnea. If at all, you are diagnosed with any sleeping disorder, you need to start the treatment immediately as the stress of handling the baby as well as sleep deprivation would take a toll on your health quite quickly.

6. Disconnecting from your phone:

Time is always at a premium when you’re handling your baby. In such a period, if you’re devoting the usual time to your smartphone to stay connected to your social media accounts, it would take away your sleeping time. That is why you have to isolate yourself from your smartphone in order to get some sleep.

7. Sleeping in a proper posture:

After the childbirth, you would be getting precious little time for sleep. That is why you have to make sure that you are making the most of it. Only when you’re having a proper sleeping place along with the best mattress, you can sleep in a proper posture. Once you sleep in a proper posture on the right mattress, you would be able to maximize the comfort which you can derive from sleeping for a limited number of hours. That is why sleeping in proper posture as well as on a good mattress is pretty important in order to rejuvenate and relax.

Pro Tip:

Some of the symptoms of postpartum depression which you have to be on the lookout for are:

  • Being depressed even after 2 weeks of the childbirth
  • Not being happy about being a parent
  • Losing interest in your hobbies
  • Finding it difficult to take quick decisions

If you’re witnessing any of the symptoms after about 2 weeks of birth, you should contact a doctor as soon as possible in order to treat the postpartum depression.

So, if you’re struggling with your sleeping schedule after the birth of the child, these are the 7 tips which you have to religiously follow. These 7 tips would not only help you increase your sleeping time but also would help you derive more comfort from the limited number of hours for which you are sleeping.

Is it better to sleep for an hour or not sleep at all

Is it better to sleep for an hour or not sleep at all

Adequate sleep is important for a healthy lifestyle for a number of reasons.The reasons include:

  • Improve memory
  • Lower stress
  • III. Live longer
  • Spur creativity
  • Sharpen concentration
  • Curb inflammation

To avoid depression:

Avoid accidents especially those associated with driving. For example, in the case of curbing inflammation, inflammation has been linked to a number of diseases including diabetes, heart disease and arthritis. Various clinical studies have shown that people who have six or few hours of sleep are more susceptible to inflammation.

For the reasons given above, not sleeping at all should not be raised at all. The next sensible question would be how much is adequate sleep? Most health experts recommend that healthy adults including the elderly should sleep for between 7 to 9 hours. For school age children, the recommended sleeping hours should be 10 hours minimum while for teenagers it is 9 to 10 hours.

Because of the nature of our lifestyles, achieving the clinically recommended sleeping hours may not always be possible. That is because we may find ourselves committing more time to our education and work among other daily commitments.

But as you will realize sleep has no manners especially if you have not had enough of it during the night. Trust me, it is not a great thing drowsing when you are supposed to be working or studying during the day or performing any other activity.

To quench that thirst for sleep when you never had enough sleep, napping is greatly recommended by various clinical studies. A 10 to 20 minutes nap is often recommended when you want to quickly boost your alertness level. For better cognitive memory processing, a one hour nap has been shown by various sleep researchers to have almost the same effect a one night’s sleep has. Additionally, there were some researchers who found out that a one hour sleep is even better for your health if you had a dream while napping. Dreaming is one clear indication that you are sleep deprived.

The sleep researchers recommended that during your one hour sleep, you should sit slightly upright. That is for the purpose of avoiding possible deep sleep. Finding the right mattress is important in having a great and quality sleep at night.If you don’t have the best mattress, that means your sleeping quality will be interfered with which is not healthy to you. A few things to be considered in choosing a good mattress include;

Consider online reviews

In this digital age, our number one source of information is still online platforms. You can find reviews of the types of mattresses that customers love or dislike on websites and social media sites. The more reviews, especially positive reviews, a mattress type has online is a great indication that the mattress may be right for you. To get a comfortable healthy mattress with advanced reviews, visit https://bestmattressesreviews.com/linenspa-8-hybrid-mattress-review/

Perform a test drive

I am not sure if there is a better way to taste the quality of the mattress by testing how it feels. There is the sleep test provided which you can use to test the quality of the mattress.

Select your preferred mattress

  • Lie down on the mattress you have selected on your preferred sleep position.
  • Evaluate comfort and support level of the mattress.
  • Educate yourself about the level of comfort you have experienced.
  • Partners should be in a position to test the mattress together.

Store selection

There are a number of stores available including department stores, online retailers, furniture stores and sleep specialty shops from where you can get your quality mattress. Choose a store that is able to provide you with enough detailed information regarding the mattress as possible. In most instances if the salesperson is not in a position to avail you with enough information, then you will be left with little option to know the quality of the mattress. Therefore visiting another store with a knowledgeable salesperson would be your better choice.

How Can You Improve Your Sleep Quality

How Can You Improve Your Sleep Quality

Every-one needs their sleep. A good sleep reduces stress, recharges and repairs your body functioning, makes you much alert, and just makes someone feels good. In most people, an average of seven to nine hours on sleep is fine, but everyone is different, some need more and some needless. If you want to have better sleep or just getting a good nights sleep it can have negative effects on your daily life. A good sleep requires a good mattress. You can get a good mattress on bestmattressesreviews.com

There are many things you can do to help yourself fall asleep faster, and stay asleep. Your daily routine makes a big difference in your quality and quantity of sleep.

4 Crazy Tips To Get A Good Nights Sleep:

  1. Keep the bedroom quiet. You may need to use something to mask the noise like a fan, a CD of your favorite soothing sounds, soft music, or just white noise. Make sure your bedroom is dark. Use dark heavy curtains or wear an eye mask if needed.
  2. Keep your bedroom cool. Most people sleep the best when the temperature is about the room temperature.
  3. Make sure you’re comfortable in your bed. You may need to try soft, firm, and in between mattresses to see which one is best for you. An adjustable bed that will change the firmness which may also be better option. A memory foam mattress-topper might also work for you. Try out some of the many different pillows and mattresses that are now available.
  4. Use your bed as a bed. Use it for sleeping, don’t use it to watch television, work on the computer, or do other things in bed that it’s not intended for. By doing this you can teach your brain that when you’re going to bed, you’re going there to sleep and nothing else.

Second, set up a schedule for yourself. Set a specific bedtime and time to get up in the morning. Start by picking a bedtime that you think is appropriate, and go to bed at that time. In the same way, wake up in the morning at the same time. If you still feel tired in the morning or throughout the day you may need to set your bedtime a little earlier. Although, if at your bedtime you are lying in bed and not falling asleep you may need to extend your bedtime.

After you have found your optimal sleep times, you need to stick with them. Go to sleep and get up at the same time every day, even on weekends. This will get your body into a sleep routine. If you do stay up too late on a weekend, still get up at the same time the next morning. You can catch up on sleep the next day by taking a short thirty minute nap in the afternoon. Make sure you take your nap before five PM or don’t take it at all. Napping too late in the day will make it hard to fall asleep at bedtime.

After you have found your optimal sleep times, you need to stick with them. Go to sleep and get up at the same time every day, even on weekends. This will get your body into a sleep routine. If you do stay up too late on a weekend, still get up at the same time the next morning. You can catch up on sleep the next day by taking a short thirty-minute nap in the afternoon. Make sure you take your nap before five PM or don’t take it at all. Napping too late in the day will make it hard to fall asleep at bedtime.

To help fall asleep quickly exercise during the day, but not too close to your bedtime. Stay active after you have eaten dinner, if you find yourself getting sleepy after your meal. Falling asleep too early will have you waking.

up in the middle of the night. Even just napping after dinner will give you problems at bedtime. Don’t eat or drink two hours before going to bed, especially rich foods, alcohol, and caffeine. Eating makes your body work to digest the food while you are trying to calm down and go to sleep. Drinking too late may have you up during the night to go to the bathroom.

How Can I Control My Sleep

How Can I Control My Sleep

You can control your sleep by getting rid of bad sleeping habits, by experiencing a healthy deep sleep at night which as as a result of choosing the best and right mattress for you based on your sleeping patterns , body weight and firmness preferences.

In order to have a enjoy a deep healthy sleep at you need To have a sleep routine or schedule. This not only gives your body a pattern signalling when to sleep and when to wake up so that you go to bed and wake up at a predetermined time but also lets you body get used to sleeping a specific duration of time.

A deep, healthy sleep is prepared well in advance says professor Damien Leger who is a sleep specialist. You can do this by lowering the brains activity for example don’t do emails or check Facebook posts, reduce amount of sounds or noise as well as light. Reducing light prompts the body to produce the sleep hormone melatonin which will cause you to feel sleepy while light has the opposite effect to your body suppressing the production of melatonin. Getting a deep, healthy sleep is preceded by listening to your body.

Tiredness, for example, is a signal to your body’s need for sleep so you should avoid activities such as taking coffee which cause your body to stay alert and instead set the sleeping scene says Dr.Guy Meadows who is based at Sleep School London.

Don’t exercise three or less hours to your bedtime because this keeps your energy levels high and your body alert leading you to gave sleepless nights

Choosing the right and best mattress is determined by:


This is how comfortable a mattress feels depending on how hard or soft it is. It is recommended that the firmness should give you a good support keeping your spine in alignment without creating pressure points. A mattress should not be too firm that it pushes the pressure points and takes you out of alignment. It should not be toonsoft that pressure points are not supported so your whole body flops backwards says MD Arya Shamie, an associate professor of Orthopedic Surgery and neurosurgery at Santa Monica, UCLA Medical Centre.

Your sleep position:

If you sleep on the side you require a mattress which relieves pressure on the neck and back ,that has a soft to medium level firmness such as the cushy foam or one with a fluffy topper. The firmness of a 3 to 6 range where 10 is the maximum is recommended. If you sleep on the back firmness and support are critical. A firmness of a 4 to 7 range is recommended. If you sleep on your stomach you require a firm top, a mattress that offers equal support across the body with a firmness range of 5 to 7.

Your body weight:

  • This affects the support you require from the mattress based on sinkage and pressure points
  • If your weight is 150 pounds or less , you are considered a light sleeper and you will require a 5 to 7 range because you will not sink as deeply into the mattress
  • If your weight is 150 to 200 pounds you are considered an average sleeper, you need a mattress characterized as medium, medium firm, or luxury firm with a 5 to 7 range.
  • if your weight is over 200 pounds you are considered a heavy sleeper because you put more pressure on the mattress so you need select a mattress that ensures comfort and support with a range of five to seven.

The type of mattress:

  • A foam mattress offers great comfort and contour giving you a hugging unique feel
  • A Coil mattress gives you a bouncy feel while also providing a cooling effect so it us great for persons with sweaty bodies
  • Innerspring mattresses are recommended for overweight while the firmer versions can be used by those with back pains
  • Memory foam mattress are recommended for those with muscle pain or chronic fatigue. But are not good fir people who are sensitive to temperatures because they soften and moulden with your body heat
  • Latex mattresses are known to offer a combination of comfort and support just like the Memory Foam but with a bit of a spring back so are recommended for those with back pains because they relieve back pains
  • Air filled mattresses are recommended for couples with a huge differences in sleeping patterns and preferences because they have remote controlled air fills which allow the mattress firmness to be customized to couples preferences

How A Mattress Impacts Your Health and Sleep

How A Mattress Impacts Your Health and Sleep

For a great well being, a quality night sleep is important. Your sleep quality largely depends on your mattress. Apart from affecting your sleep quality, a faulty mattress also affects your health. This ranges from weight gain to allergies and chronic back pain. Visit this website to get high-quality mattress. Below are some of the ways that a bad mattress can impact your sleep and health.

  • Maximizes stress levels
  • Back pain
  • Weak immune system
  • Obesity
  • Allergies
  • Snoring
  • Poor heart health
  • Memory impairment

Back pain

A good mattress is usually flat and comfortable. This boosts proper spine alignment. To the contrary, a bad mattress sags at the middle. This alters your sleeping posture. Consequently, you suffer from back pains and neck pains every morning.

As bad as that sounds, bad mattresses are perfect recipes for chronic back pain. This translates to turning and tossing all night long for comfortable sleeping posture. As a result, this affects your sleep quality and health as well. With a great mattress, you should be fresh and re-energized every morning. However, a bad one makes you feel sore and stiff in the morning.

Spring mattresses are good for back pain. You can find a top-rated spring mattress on https://bestmattressesreviews.com/

Triggers allergies

Dust mites and bed bugs characterize bad and old mattresses. The creatures eat your body’s dead cells. Apart from this, they cause skin problems like eczema. You might also suffer from sore throats and respiratory conditions after sleeping on such mattresses. Dust mites expose you to a greater risk of snoring. This makes it hard for you to breathe in your sleep.

To prevent these issues, ensure that your sheets and pillowcases are clean. Use hot water to clean them in order to denature these organisms. Vacuum cleaning them is another great alternative to using hot water. Getting allergy-proof covers on your mattress can minimize the allergy outbreaks.


When trying to remedy snoring, people usually forget to take a look at the mattress. In case your mattress isn’t offering adequate support, snoring is a probable result. This happens when your airways are under tension. It also occurs when tissues are sunken. A bad mattress promotes snoring. While most people take snoring as normal, sometimes it is fatal.

Weak immune system

If your mattress is not giving you high-quality sleep, it is negatively impacting your immune system. This makes you prone to illnesses like colds and respiratory issues. In other cases, when your immune system is extremely weak, you can suffer from severe conditions.

Memory impairment

A bad mattress gives you poor sleep. This is where you toss and turn all night long trying to find a comfortable position. Poor sleep results in poor memory making you less productive. It is during a deep sleep that memories form. Therefore, lack of a deep sleep denies your mind the opportunity to make memories. As a result, this causes memory impairment.

Most of the times, you rarely worry about your mattress, as long as it is doing its job. This is one of the huge mistakes that most people make. They are not attentive on how their mattresses affect their health and sleep. Unless mattresses pop springs or break, they are long used instead of being replaced. This denies you the opportunity to enjoy good health and a decent night’s rest.

What is the Healthiest and Worst Sleeping Position?

What is the Healthiest and Worst Sleeping Position

Your sleeping position affects your ability to fall asleep, have a deep sleep and wake up rested. Most of the people suffer from shoulder, neck, hip and back pain. This happens at some point in their lives due to poor sleeping positions. There are sleeping positions that give your body a lot of benefits. On the other hand, there are sleeping postures that affect your health negatively. To find which, is the most recommendable sleeping position, continue the read. In this article, you will also realize which, is the worst sleeping position and its effects. Here are some best sleeping positions for you.

Left side sleeping

Probably, you have heard that you should sleep on your left side. Maybe you thought this did not make sense but it does. Doctors recommend sleeping o the left side. This is due to the numerous health benefits accrued with this practice. Below are just some of them;

  • Enhanced heart health
  • Improves digestion
  • Great for expectant women
  • Alleviates snoring

Improves digestion

The left side of the body contains both the pancreas and the stomach among other organs. Therefore, when you sleep on your left, these two organs hang naturally. As a result, this boosts better function. With the force of gravity, the food easily goes through the stomach. The release of the pancreatic enzymes, on the other hand, occurs any time the body needs them. Apart from these, food waste elimination is easier when in this position.

Great for pregnant women

For pregnant women, sleeping on your left side is very important. According to medical experts, this position facilitates pressure release from the back. It also maximizes the flow of blood to the fetus from the uterus. Additionally, this position relieves spine pressure making you comfortable for a better sleep.

Nutrients easily flow to the placenta when a pregnant woman uses this position when sleeping. It greatly boosts the nourishment of the baby. In order to make this posture more comfortable, you should slightly bend your knees. Moreover, you should have a pillow between your legs to enhance this comfort when sleeping.

The worst sleeping position

One of the critical things when sleeping is to ensure that no excessive pressure is subjected to your spine. Regardless of your sleeping position, ensure that blood circulation is enhanced. For stomach sleepers, none of these things happen. A number of people use this sleeping position. However, it has a number of negative impacts on their health. Some of them include;

  • Spinal pain
  • Neck pain
  • Bad for pregnant women

Spinal pain

Stomach sleeping usually leads to neck, back and joints pain. This affects your sleep quality and definitely, your day’s productivity. With the pain that comes as a result of this, you experience a lot of restlessness at night. As a matter of fact, discomfort characterizes the better part of your day. Spinal cord pain comes from poor spine alignment that occurs when sleeping on your stomach.

It is bad for pregnant women

It is unthinkable for an expectant woman to sleep on their stomach during the third trimester. However, you should also avoid using this position during early pregnancy. The weight in your tummy exerts pressure on your spine. Therefore, you need enough rest to relieve pressure on your spine.

If you are a stomach sleeper, there are ways to make this sleeping posture comfortable. These means minimize potential complications on your health. Stomach sleeping is a position that people should avoid with all means. Side sleeping, on the other hand, is recommendable. It also has a lot of benefits to your health and general well-being. It is the healthiest sleeping position that sleeping experts recommend.