How A Mattress Impacts Your Health and Sleep

For a great well being, a quality night sleep is important. Your sleep quality largely depends on your mattress. Apart from affecting your sleep quality, a faulty mattress also affects your health. This ranges from weight gain to allergies and chronic back pain. Visit this website to get high-quality mattress. Below are some of the ways that a bad mattress can impact your sleep and health.

  • Maximizes stress levels
  • Back pain
  • Weak immune system
  • Obesity
  • Allergies
  • Snoring
  • Poor heart health
  • Memory impairment

Back pain

A good mattress is usually flat and comfortable. This boosts proper spine alignment. To the contrary, a bad mattress sags at the middle. This alters your sleeping posture. Consequently, you suffer from back pains and neck pains every morning.

As bad as that sounds, bad mattresses are perfect recipes for chronic back pain. This translates to turning and tossing all night long for comfortable sleeping posture. As a result, this affects your sleep quality and health as well. With a great mattress, you should be fresh and re-energized every morning. However, a bad one makes you feel sore and stiff in the morning.

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Triggers allergies

Dust mites and bed bugs characterize bad and old mattresses. The creatures eat your body’s dead cells. Apart from this, they cause skin problems like eczema. You might also suffer from sore throats and respiratory conditions after sleeping on such mattresses. Dust mites expose you to a greater risk of snoring. This makes it hard for you to breathe in your sleep.

To prevent these issues, ensure that your sheets and pillowcases are clean. Use hot water to clean them in order to denature these organisms. Vacuum cleaning them is another great alternative to using hot water. Getting allergy-proof covers on your mattress can minimize the allergy outbreaks.


When trying to remedy snoring, people usually forget to take a look at the mattress. In case your mattress isn’t offering adequate support, snoring is a probable result. This happens when your airways are under tension. It also occurs when tissues are sunken. A bad mattress promotes snoring. While most people take snoring as normal, sometimes it is fatal.

Weak immune system

If your mattress is not giving you high-quality sleep, it is negatively impacting your immune system. This makes you prone to illnesses like colds and respiratory issues. In other cases, when your immune system is extremely weak, you can suffer from severe conditions.

Memory impairment

A bad mattress gives you poor sleep. This is where you toss and turn all night long trying to find a comfortable position. Poor sleep results in poor memory making you less productive. It is during a deep sleep that memories form. Therefore, lack of a deep sleep denies your mind the opportunity to make memories. As a result, this causes memory impairment.

Most of the times, you rarely worry about your mattress, as long as it is doing its job. This is one of the huge mistakes that most people make. They are not attentive on how their mattresses affect their health and sleep. Unless mattresses pop springs or break, they are long used instead of being replaced. This denies you the opportunity to enjoy good health and a decent night’s rest.