How Can I Control My Sleep

You can control your sleep by getting rid of bad sleeping habits, by experiencing a healthy deep sleep at night which as as a result of choosing the best and right mattress for you based on your sleeping patterns , body weight and firmness preferences.

In order to have a enjoy a deep healthy sleep at you need To have a sleep routine or schedule. This not only gives your body a pattern signalling when to sleep and when to wake up so that you go to bed and wake up at a predetermined time but also lets you body get used to sleeping a specific duration of time.

A deep, healthy sleep is prepared well in advance says professor Damien Leger who is a sleep specialist. You can do this by lowering the brains activity for example don’t do emails or check Facebook posts, reduce amount of sounds or noise as well as light. Reducing light prompts the body to produce the sleep hormone melatonin which will cause you to feel sleepy while light has the opposite effect to your body suppressing the production of melatonin. Getting a deep, healthy sleep is preceded by listening to your body.

Tiredness, for example, is a signal to your body’s need for sleep so you should avoid activities such as taking coffee which cause your body to stay alert and instead set the sleeping scene says Dr.Guy Meadows who is based at Sleep School London.

Don’t exercise three or less hours to your bedtime because this keeps your energy levels high and your body alert leading you to gave sleepless nights

Choosing the right and best mattress is determined by:


This is how comfortable a mattress feels depending on how hard or soft it is. It is recommended that the firmness should give you a good support keeping your spine in alignment without creating pressure points. A mattress should not be too firm that it pushes the pressure points and takes you out of alignment. It should not be toonsoft that pressure points are not supported so your whole body flops backwards says MD Arya Shamie, an associate professor of Orthopedic Surgery and neurosurgery at Santa Monica, UCLA Medical Centre.

Your sleep position:

If you sleep on the side you require a mattress which relieves pressure on the neck and back ,that has a soft to medium level firmness such as the cushy foam or one with a fluffy topper. The firmness of a 3 to 6 range where 10 is the maximum is recommended. If you sleep on the back firmness and support are critical. A firmness of a 4 to 7 range is recommended. If you sleep on your stomach you require a firm top, a mattress that offers equal support across the body with a firmness range of 5 to 7.

Your body weight:

  • This affects the support you require from the mattress based on sinkage and pressure points
  • If your weight is 150 pounds or less , you are considered a light sleeper and you will require a 5 to 7 range because you will not sink as deeply into the mattress
  • If your weight is 150 to 200 pounds you are considered an average sleeper, you need a mattress characterized as medium, medium firm, or luxury firm with a 5 to 7 range.
  • if your weight is over 200 pounds you are considered a heavy sleeper because you put more pressure on the mattress so you need select a mattress that ensures comfort and support with a range of five to seven.

The type of mattress:

  • A foam mattress offers great comfort and contour giving you a hugging unique feel
  • A Coil mattress gives you a bouncy feel while also providing a cooling effect so it us great for persons with sweaty bodies
  • Innerspring mattresses are recommended for overweight while the firmer versions can be used by those with back pains
  • Memory foam mattress are recommended for those with muscle pain or chronic fatigue. But are not good fir people who are sensitive to temperatures because they soften and moulden with your body heat
  • Latex mattresses are known to offer a combination of comfort and support just like the Memory Foam but with a bit of a spring back so are recommended for those with back pains because they relieve back pains
  • Air filled mattresses are recommended for couples with a huge differences in sleeping patterns and preferences because they have remote controlled air fills which allow the mattress firmness to be customized to couples preferences