What Are Some Useful Sleep Tips For Moms

Motherhood is the beginning of a new era. While the vision which you might have of motherhood is that it is the perfect time to bond with your baby but, in reality, it can be quite more stressful than just a prolonged bonding vacation. One of the 1st casualties of motherhood is your sleep. Oftentimes, moms are not able to get the required amount of sleep due to often looking after the baby. While this is not a problem for a couple of nights but if you’re sleep deprived for a longer period of time, it can take a toll on your health. During such times, most of the moms often wonder what are some useful sleep tips for moms?.

We would today share with you some useful sleep tips which you can follow in order to get perfect night sleep to keep yourself fresh as well as healthy.

1. Communicating with your partner:

When you’re not able to get enough hours of sleep, the 1st step which you have to undertake is to acknowledge the problem. You have to also speak with your partner and let them know that you are sleep deprived. The faster you recognize the problem, the better. Once your partner is aware of the sleep you need, he would be more receptive towards sharing the responsibility of taking care of the baby. This would automatically provide you with extra hours to catch on the required amount of sleep.

2. Sleeping as per your baby:

One of the basic tips which you can follow is to sleep when your baby sleeps. At the start, it would not be easy for you to accustom your body cycle to sleep as your baby sleeps but over a period of time, this can be made possible. Instead of worrying about other chores when your baby sleeps, it is a better idea to catch up on some much-needed sleep when your baby sleeps. This would not only provide you with the peaceful atmosphere for sleeping but also more than enough time to sleep and relax.

3. Saving for a nanny:

While this might not be an instant solution, still during pregnancy, you have to save up enough money for hiring a nanny for at least a year or two. After the birth of the child, if you have a nanny to take care or at least to aid in your work, you can be sure that you would get more than enough time for sleeping. This would help you in preventing sleep deprivation altogether.

4. Treating Post-Partum Depression:

One of the most underestimated causes of sleep deprivation for moms is the postpartum depression. Most of the people often just associate it with being tensed about the baby. However, postpartum depression can keep you awake for hours at night even when the baby is sleeping. The only way in which you can handle this is to opt for proper treatment along with counseling sessions. Postpartum depression is pretty common and is easy to deal with it as long as you are able to recognize the symptoms correctly.

5. Diagnosing the sleep disorders:

Sleep disorders are pretty common after childbirth. You have to consult your doctor then rule out the possibility of any sleeping disorders like sleep apnea. If at all, you are diagnosed with any sleeping disorder, you need to start the treatment immediately as the stress of handling the baby as well as sleep deprivation would take a toll on your health quite quickly.

6. Disconnecting from your phone:

Time is always at a premium when you’re handling your baby. In such a period, if you’re devoting the usual time to your smartphone to stay connected to your social media accounts, it would take away your sleeping time. That is why you have to isolate yourself from your smartphone in order to get some sleep.

7. Sleeping in a proper posture:

After the childbirth, you would be getting precious little time for sleep. That is why you have to make sure that you are making the most of it. Only when you’re having a proper sleeping place along with the best mattress, you can sleep in a proper posture. Once you sleep in a proper posture on the right mattress, you would be able to maximize the comfort which you can derive from sleeping for a limited number of hours. That is why sleeping in proper posture as well as on a good mattress is pretty important in order to rejuvenate and relax.

Pro Tip:

Some of the symptoms of postpartum depression which you have to be on the lookout for are:

  • Being depressed even after 2 weeks of the childbirth
  • Not being happy about being a parent
  • Losing interest in your hobbies
  • Finding it difficult to take quick decisions

If you’re witnessing any of the symptoms after about 2 weeks of birth, you should contact a doctor as soon as possible in order to treat the postpartum depression.

So, if you’re struggling with your sleeping schedule after the birth of the child, these are the 7 tips which you have to religiously follow. These 7 tips would not only help you increase your sleeping time but also would help you derive more comfort from the limited number of hours for which you are sleeping.