What is the Healthiest and Worst Sleeping Position?

Your sleeping position affects your ability to fall asleep, have a deep sleep and wake up rested. Most of the people suffer from shoulder, neck, hip and back pain. This happens at some point in their lives due to poor sleeping positions. There are sleeping positions that give your body a lot of benefits. On the other hand, there are sleeping postures that affect your health negatively. To find which, is the most recommendable sleeping position, continue the read. In this article, you will also realize which, is the worst sleeping position and its effects. Here are some best sleeping positions for you.

Left side sleeping

Probably, you have heard that you should sleep on your left side. Maybe you thought this did not make sense but it does. Doctors recommend sleeping o the left side. This is due to the numerous health benefits accrued with this practice. Below are just some of them;

  • Enhanced heart health
  • Improves digestion
  • Great for expectant women
  • Alleviates snoring

Improves digestion

The left side of the body contains both the pancreas and the stomach among other organs. Therefore, when you sleep on your left, these two organs hang naturally. As a result, this boosts better function. With the force of gravity, the food easily goes through the stomach. The release of the pancreatic enzymes, on the other hand, occurs any time the body needs them. Apart from these, food waste elimination is easier when in this position.

Great for pregnant women

For pregnant women, sleeping on your left side is very important. According to medical experts, this position facilitates pressure release from the back. It also maximizes the flow of blood to the fetus from the uterus. Additionally, this position relieves spine pressure making you comfortable for a better sleep.

Nutrients easily flow to the placenta when a pregnant woman uses this position when sleeping. It greatly boosts the nourishment of the baby. In order to make this posture more comfortable, you should slightly bend your knees. Moreover, you should have a pillow between your legs to enhance this comfort when sleeping.

The worst sleeping position

One of the critical things when sleeping is to ensure that no excessive pressure is subjected to your spine. Regardless of your sleeping position, ensure that blood circulation is enhanced. For stomach sleepers, none of these things happen. A number of people use this sleeping position. However, it has a number of negative impacts on their health. Some of them include;

  • Spinal pain
  • Neck pain
  • Bad for pregnant women

Spinal pain

Stomach sleeping usually leads to neck, back and joints pain. This affects your sleep quality and definitely, your day’s productivity. With the pain that comes as a result of this, you experience a lot of restlessness at night. As a matter of fact, discomfort characterizes the better part of your day. Spinal cord pain comes from poor spine alignment that occurs when sleeping on your stomach.

It is bad for pregnant women

It is unthinkable for an expectant woman to sleep on their stomach during the third trimester. However, you should also avoid using this position during early pregnancy. The weight in your tummy exerts pressure on your spine. Therefore, you need enough rest to relieve pressure on your spine.

If you are a stomach sleeper, there are ways to make this sleeping posture comfortable. These means minimize potential complications on your health. Stomach sleeping is a position that people should avoid with all means. Side sleeping, on the other hand, is recommendable. It also has a lot of benefits to your health and general well-being. It is the healthiest sleeping position that sleeping experts recommend.